About Us

About Us:

Coco Maisonette is a slow fashion brand that creates small batch, effortless clothing. Each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail to help women look and feel their best. We use deadstock fabric which reduces waste to help our Mother Earth thrive, as well as high quality organic fabric. We are partnered with local woman pattern makers and seamstresses here in Orange County, as well as two sustainably driven small sewing studios in India and Turkey owned and run by women who make each piece of clothing, so you can feel good about supporting both the environment and woman artisans <3.

The Designer:

Hi there! My name is Coco and I am the creator of Coco Maisonette. Since I was a little girl, I filled my journal with sketches of clothing designs and dreamed of creating clothing that would bring people joy. As a teenager, I studied fashion marketing and merchandising and also entered the world of hairdressing, another passion of mine.

In pursuit of my goals, I earned a degree in business management and developed a deep appreciation for sustainable fashion, which became the focus of many of my essays. Now as a stay-at-home mother, I am pursuing my passion of sustainable fashion. My designs are inspired by the serene coastline of Southern California and timeless, vintage silhouettes and prints.I hope to bring you joy and confidence through clothing.

Much love,

XOXO, Coco

How Our Garments Are Made:

At Coco Maisonette, we take pride in partnering with three woman owned sewing studios. One studio here locally in Orange County, one studio in India, and one studio in Turkey. Our founder Coco draws inspiration from the breezy, coastal lifestyle and timeless silhouettes to create each garment. Then, our expert pattern maker transforms the design into a physical pattern with years of experience and skill.

To bring the garments to life, we carefully source deadstock fabric or other high quality organic fabric that is both beautiful and sustainable. The fabric is then cut and sewn with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality.

At Coco Maisonette, we believe in creating effortless pieces that are sustainably made and built to last. Our garments are a testament to these principles, and we are proud to share them with you <3.

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